There are many things that go into a good Etsy listing, like GREAT photos, strong keywords, and a clear description. But here are 3 quick tips to boost a listing right now!

  1. Use long tail keyword phrases in your title. For example, I sell Christmas ornaments with a couples initials etched on them. I would use phrases  in my title as follows:

    Personalized Christmas Ornament for Newlyweds / Monogrammed Christmas Ornament / Newlywed Christmas Ornament / Ornament Gift for Newlyweds

  2.  Match Your Tags to Your title. Since you only get 20 characters per tag I suggest breaking your tags down like this.

    Personalize Ornament, Christmas Ornament,  Ornament Newlyweds, Monogram Christmas,  Monogram Ornament, Newlywed Christmas, Newlywed Ornament, Ornament Gift,  Gift Newlyweds

     Note: You can leave words like, and, for, with out of tags. 

  3. Renew your listings. Recency plays a part in ranking on Etsy. I renew listings daily with an auto renew tool from Etsy on Sale. Use my referral code to try if out for free! Code: EG5WKJHREB


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