Back in February I read an article from Huffinton Post titled Why You Shouldn’t Be Driving Traffic to Your Etsy or Amazon Store, by Shannon Whitehead. While in the grand scheme of things I mostly agree with Whitehead’s points I feel as though they are most suitable for seasoned Etsy sellers who are ready for the next step. The main point is you should have your own website in addition to your and Etsy shop. I agree 100% with that but you do not have to start there. A website can come later.

It would be great if we could snap our fingers and have everything done on our huge  to-do list done instantly but I still haven’t figured that one out. When you are just starting out and getting your creative dream off the ground it is often a side hustle. Meaning you have limited time and often limited funds.

Like I said, I agree with many of the points made in the article I believe these same points are reasons to start out on Etsy and don’t worry about a website until later on.

  1. Etsy Aids in Product Discovery: When you are just getting started or just don’t have time to be promoting your own site this is great. People come to Etsy to shop and fine creative goods so your audience is already in place. Etsy has 25 million yes MILLION shoppers (source: By the Numbers: 40 Amazing Etsy Statistics)
  2. It is not your Brand: Today Branding is everything and yes when you open a shop on Etsy it is not solely your brand. You can do a lot with the New large shop banners but yes you are still under the Etsy umbrella. You know also comes with that umbrella, TRUST. You start out with trust which can take time to build out on your own.  Etsy has already earned the trust of shoppers so people already feel they can safely make purchases with that.
  3. Google SEO: Etsy has phenomenal Search Engine Optimization and yep it sure will outrank website listings. So why not list here. That is not to say “list it and they will come” there is a method to getting found on Etsy. Sign up for my Get MORE CHA-CHINGS Newsletter below to get powerful tips on how to get your listing found.
  4. Etsy can Change the terms at anytime: Yep This on is the kicker and it is why you should have build your own website on your  to-do list, eventually. Having a shop on Etsy like renting a space… you don’t own it and rent could go up, you could get kicked out etc. BUT Etsy would not exist without the shop owners so I don’t foresee them doing anything to really upset us like raising fees.

Since we can’t get everything done at once Etsy is a wonderful place to open up shop and get your side hustle off the ground! There are so many other positives that come with like ease of shipping products, creating listings quickly and the list goes on.

Now if you do dream of taking your shop to the next level with your own branded website I suggest you read the article because once you do have your own site Whitehead’s points are spot on. It is might not be a bad idea to go ahead and register your own domain and point it at your Etsy shop until you are ready to build a site. BUT don’t close your Etsy shop though because you would be missing out on the 25 MILLION shoppers already on Etsy!

Sources: Why You Shouldn’t Be Driving Traffic to Your Etsy or Amazon Store, by Shannon Whitehead & By the Numbers: 40 Amazing Etsy Statistics, by Craig Smith.


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