Combining Canva and AI will boost your Printable Product Creation!

Learn how to Use AI to:

✔︎ Brainstorm Ideas

✔︎ Create Activity Sheets

✔︎ Create Guided Journals

Value $97

Today’s Price $57

The Key to Using AI in Your Printable Design is thinking Creatively

This workshop will teach you how to use AI
to make fun printables and boost your creative thinking!

Value $97

Today’s Price: $57

From Brainstorming types of printables to helping you create them, combining Canva and AI will have you saying Oh My!

Value $97

Today’s Price: $57

In the Workshop you will learn

✔︎ how to brainstorm with AI

✔︎ How to create Content for Printables

✔︎ How to create coloring sheets

✔︎ How to Get Creative with Using AI in Your workflow

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need Canva Pro?
Nope. While Canva Pro is AWESOME it is not needed for this workshop.

What AI Tools are Used?
This workshop will use ChatGPT, Midjourney, and Canva’s Magic Write. Some of the tools do require a subscription after trail. 

I’ve never used AI tools, is this for me? 
Yes! You will be introduced to the AI tools.

Does this workshop come with templates?
No there are not temapltes included. 

Value $97

Today’s Price: $57

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