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When you click the button below you will get the current monthly release AND access to Easy Breezy Planners. New templates will drop each month! 

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Each Month you Get:

☆ Printable Product Templates
☆ Marketing Templates
☆ Q+A Coaching Call
☆ and some extra bonuses




Canva Templates designed to save time and increase your bottom line

Don’t let yourself get stuck by…


That white screen can be a huge creative block. The more you stare at the more unproductive you feel.


Bored by seeing the same templates used over and over?  So is everyone else scrolling right past them.


Do you feel like that to-do list is attacking you from all sides? If only you could somehow get more done in less time. 

Money By Design is a Canva Template Membership for Online Entrepreneurs that want to effortlessly create digital products. Perfect for VAs, Content Creators,  and Etsy Shop Owners. Each month get fresh new product templates and marketing templates designed to save time and increase your bottom line. 


With These Templates, You Will…

Simplify Design

Simplify the design process with professionally designed templates. These Canva templates were designed to be easy to use and make your business shine online.

Increase Income

With stand-out designs, you will be able to generate more income through your design services, digital products, marketing, or ALL of the above!

Get More Done

Yes, we all love Canva but your customers are not actually in Canva and you constantly feel like everything is taking you way too long.  Get in, get more done, serve your people and still have the time flexibility you dreamed of.

Got This!

It is possible to create all the graphics you need and design new products without overwhelm.

You can boost your income with fresh designs each month that help you show up online and work less.

You will shine online and save valuable time with professionally designed templates that you can use for your business or your clients!

Included in your Membership

Printable Product Template

Each month a new product template is dropped. You can expect 15-20 pages.

Q & A Coaching Call

Once a month there is a group office hours call answering your questions and talking business with other members.

Member Forum

Take advantage of the member forum where you can ask questions, get feedback and post template request.

Marketing and Business Templates

Each month a set of 10 marketing templates are dropped to help you stand out and promote your new products.

Access to Canva Tutorials

A video library with Canva Tips,  editing tutorials and feature updates.

Access to Bonus Business Trainings

Bonus tools to help you grow your business. This could includes guides, workbooks, guest experts, or special training.

Get 2 sets of templates When you Join Today (and the new set when it drops on the 3rd)

These Templates are Designed to Make you Shine!

Product Templates

Each month you will get a set of printable templates. They will range from planner templates, activity sheets, and journals to ebook layouts.  You can use these templates to…

▶︎ Create Printable Products to Sell

▶︎ Grow your list by creating freebies

▶︎ Create Workbooks for your courses

▶︎ Teach Your Audience in Ebooks

▶︎ Create Bonuses for your Current Offers

▶︎ Design PDF’s and Printables for Your Clients

▶︎ Start an Etsy Shop or Sell from your Website

▶︎ Love on your current subscribers or group with a new printable

Marketing Templates

Each month a new set of marketing templates will be added. These will range from social media templates to mockup templates for shop listings.  You can use the templates to…

▶︎ Market Your Business on Social Media

▶︎ Promo Your New Products in Your Emails

▶︎ Create Shop listings

▶︎ Create Eye-catching Pins

▶︎ Use them to design Social Media Graphics for Clients

▶︎ Use them on your website

▶︎ Share customer testimonials

▶︎ As Mockup for your Printables

Join today and

get 2 sets of templates right away! 
Plus the new set dropping June 3rd

✔︎ Printable Product Templates (value $37+)
✔︎ Marketing Templates added each month (value $37)
✔︎ Q&A Group Coaching Call (value $47)
✔︎ Tutorial Library (value $67+)
✔︎ Simple  and Clear Licensing (value $97)

Total Value – 0ver $200

Today’s Price = $37 per month


Do I get Templates Right When I Join?

Yes. In a matter of minutes, you will get access 2 Templates packs.

Do I need Canva Pro?

Some templates feature Canva Pro fonts and elements, you can easily swap the fonts or elements out for free ones but I do believe Canva Pro will make your membership better. 

Can I sell the designs?

With the Product Templates, you can create finished products to sell, such as planners, ebooks, and workbooks. You can not use the marketing templates to create products.

When are New Templates Released?

New templates drop on the 3rd of every month.

Can I use the templates for multiple accounts or clients?

You Bet! You can use the templates for multiple brands and clients. You cannot share access to the templates but you can provide your clients with finished designs.

What is the Refund Policy?

Since the templates are digital products there are no refunds on payments made but you can cancel your membership anytime.

Here’s to the…
Passionate, Driven, Dreamer
Online Entrepreneur

Who wants to grow a business she loves.

a business that creates YES moments…

Yes to Time Freedom and Flexibility
Yes to being there for your family
Yes to the Surprise Family Vacation, on you
Yes to building something that helps others
Yes to Giving more to charity and Yes to the Target Shopping Spree
Yes to your future, your kid’s future


Hey There, I’m Kate Danielle

I help creative entrepreneurs, virtual assistants, and online businesses up-level their designs and services with DIY design tools, Canva training, and resources.

I am a Canva Certified Creative and graduated from Georgia College with a Mass Communications degree and a minor in photography.