Why Creative Passive Income?

There are many reasons to choose to build a passive income business. As a mom one of the biggest reasons for you is that it allows you to build a business that will fit into your already busy life. As your business grows you won’t have to worry about it taking too much of your time.

That is what happened to me… Among my various Etsy Shops, one of them is handmade products. The most popular thing I sell are etched glass Christmas Ornaments and I have been very blessed the past few year to be overwhelmed with orders. More orders are great, the only problem was I am only one person with limited time. In the midst of trying to hand make all of these orders, my sweet little girl wanted to play, it was the Holidays and I wanted to do all of these fun things with my family. I eventually brought in help but once you are in the middle of chaos it hard to take time to teach others your process.

That is when I realized I much rather grow a passive income business. All of this is not to say that you can’t turn a handmade business into passive income, because you can with hiring in people. In the future I plan on doing just that with my ornaments but now my main focus is creating digital products.

Along with those products is this site and the mission here is to motivate, enrich, and support creative moms who want to build an AWESOME business without sacrificing play time with your kids.

I don’t want to mislead you though, just because it is called “Passive Income” doesn’t mean there won’t be work. My dream for you is that it will be work you love and as I mentioned, that it will fit into your life instead of life fitting around work.  With that being said let’s give it a new name shall we and turn that name into a movement!

The Name: Creative Income for the Mom Life

Our mission: Think like a Boss; Play like a Mom