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The Biggest Secret to saving time in Canva is to have Solid Branding

Do you feel like it takes too long to design anything? 

You’ve been in Canva for hours but don’t have much to show for it…

You think, Ugh I’m not sure what font to use or colors… What looks good…

Laptop with Canva Templates for Instagram Pinterest and Facebook

Maybe You kind of have some kind of branding but…

▷ You don’t really love the fonts
▷ You didn’t put any thought into choosing colors
▷ You are always switching colors and fonts
▷ You don’t feel it really stands out
▷ You need a change

I get it, I have fallen down the font rabbit hole too many times…

I have gone from loving my colors and fonts one day to want to change them the next.

But this creates busy work that ultimately stalls all productivity.

✗ I have nothing new to post on Instagram or Facebook

✗ My new opt-in isn’t getting finished

✗ no emails are sent to my list

✗ No new Videos or Blog post gets done

In short, my limited work time is eaten up by looking at color palettes and comparing fonts.

So I get it!

Even as a designer I get whats it’s like to spend too much time on a graphic and before I know it my day is gone…

And that’s why I’m so excited to share with you
the first step to saving so much time when creating graphics for your business.

✔ the step that will have you feeling great about what you create

✔ the step that will help you build recognition with your graphics

✔ the step that will cut down the busy-work of creating #allthegraphics 


Easy Breeze Branding is a 31-minute course that puts a process behind DIY-ing your visual brand so that you can finally get set branding TODAY!

This is not your average course,  it’s more like a quick power-packed workshop complete with a workbook to guide you after the videos.

I share with you how I used this method to rebrand my business and how you can make sure your brand colors are resonating with your audience.

You will have easy steps to guide you in:

✔️ creating a brand color palette

✔️ choosing the right fonts

✔️ and creating a simple logo

In this special Bundle

You also get: 

24 Canva Templates for Social Media + Pinterest

Look like you hired a designer with these easy to brand templates. 

10 Canva Logo Templates

Complete your brand with one of these logos.

What’s in the Course?

Lesson 1: Prepare Your Vibe

This lesson ensures you create a visual brand that you love AND attracts the right audience!

Lesson 2: Color Palette Hack

Get my formular that you will use to quickly pick out your brand colors & I share how to drum up excitment from your audience.

Lesson 3: Font -tastic

Learn the vibes fonts give off so you can quickly choose staple fonts for your branding. 

Lesson 4: Add Some Spice

Your visual brand is a bit more than colors and fonts. In this lesson you will really round out your brand vibe.

Lesson 5: Logo Love

Creating a Logo is one area where I see most get stuck when DIY-ing your brand. This lesson takes the pressure off so you can get back to money making task!

Lesson 6: Set the Mood 😉

Use the provided mood board template to bring all your new branding together in one document and set up your branding in Canva.

9 Page Workbook

Don’t forget the 2 Bonuses You Get

24 Canva Templates

Easy to brand Canva templates. This set includes 8 square and 8 story templates perfect for Instagram and Facebook, as well as, 8 Pin templates. 

10 Canva Logo Templates

If you get stuck on your logo don’t worry, you get 10 creative logo templates to use or to inspire you. 

Here’s to the…
Passionate, Driven, Dreamer
Online Entrepreneur

Who wants to grow a business she loves.

a business that creates YES moments…

Yes to Time Freedom and Flexibility
Yes to being there for your family
Yes to the Surprise Family Vacation, on you
Yes to building something that helps others
Yes to Giving more to charity and Yes to the Target Shopping Spree
Yes to your future, your kid’s future


Ready to Save time in Canva & Create an Eye-Catching Brand Today?

😍 Have a Brand Your Love

🤩 Create the right Brand Vibe

🌟 Attract Your Ideal Audience

😀 Don’t waste time scrolling fonts

✨Cut-out Busy Work

🤑Get Back to Money Making Task