As a busy mom time to yourself is limited. Then add in dreams of running your own online business…

How Do You Fit it ALL in? 

Is it even possible?

YES, It is!

It will take time and work but the key is building a business that you can fit into your life and not trying to fit your life around your business.

This is a place where you can find resources and information to help you save time, create products and up-level your design skills.

Keep reading below for 5 ways
I love to help you! 

Hey There
I’m Kate Danielle

I help creative entrepreneurs, virtual assistants, and online businesses up-level their designs and services with DIY design tools, Canva training, and resources.

I am a Canva Certified Creative and graduated from Georgia College with a Mass Communications degree and a minor in photography.


I have been married to my best friend, Chris since 2009. We have both been very blessed to work from home, which allows us to spend more time with our energetic, spunky daughter and our sweet golden-collie. Our main goal is to live each day with family as the focus.

My faith plays the biggest part of my business. I hope to be a light through my business and actions. I try to let God be the CEO of my business and guide me, but ya know I get it wrong sometimes. From time to time I will shed light on specific ways my faith impacts my business.


5 Ways I Love to Help Creative Mom Entrepreneurs

1. Templates that make your life easier.
“Just because you can don’t mean you should” sounds like something your mama would say right?  but it is actually some really wise business advice, especially for busy entrepreneurs like you who need to use their time super efficiently. My design templates can help you with the heavy lifting and save you so much time!

2. Canva Tips + Courses.
Not only do I provide Canva templates but I also love to share design tips in my Youtube Channel and offer Courses that will help you create products or improve your design skills.

3. Encouragement and mindset issues.
We all stumble on our own feet sometimes when it comes to pushing through our doubts and fears. And we all need someone who we can chat with about business and who will say “KEEP GOING!”

4. Business Strategy + Tips.
Canva and design are not the only things I love about business. I love to brainstorm product ideas, sales tactics, and how to be more productive. Check out the blog and Youtube Channel.

5. Tech Overwhelm
You can benefit from my love of trying out tools and tech. From selling platforms and website woes to setting up funnels and email systems. I love to dig in, test them out and recommend what would be best for you.

Easy E-book Canva Templates
Canva Template Shop by Kate Danielle

Here’s to the…
Passionate, Driven, Dreamer
Mom Entrepreneur

Who wants to grow a business she loves…

A business that creates yes moments…

Yes to Time Freedom and Flexibility
Yes to being there for your family
Yes to the Surprise Family Vacation, on you
Yes to building something that helps others
Yes to Giving more to charity and also yes to the Target Shopping Spree (with Starbucks in your hand)
Yes to your future, your kid’s future
Yes to yourself!

You’ve Got this, I Pinky Promise!