Want to sell printable planners

but lack the time or skills to design one you are proud to sell?

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Create Your Own Planners to Sell!

With the Easy-Breezy Planner Canva Templates you can create beautiful planners without spending all day in Canva. 

You will shine online and save valuable time with professionally designed templates that you can use for your business or your clients!



Easy Breezy Planners is packed full of Canva templates that will vastly help you create dated planners and goal planners in no time!

Peep What’s Inside the Kit

Over 40 Commercial Use Templates to Create Calendars and Planners

Easy Breezy Planners is normally $67
but You get them as part of  Lizzy’s Christmas Party!

Let’s face it design can be fun but it can take up too much of your time. Don’t go down the design rabbit hole! Templates streamline your design process and move you through your to-do list faster! 

Create Planners in Minutes to Sell or Grow Your List! 

Often 2 major things hold someone back from getting digital products like printables done and on the market…

Blank Screen Syndrome

When you open up Canva you feel completely blocked, uncreative, and don’t know where to even begin.

Overwhelm and Lack of Time

Diving into Canva to design a full planner can take so much time and your to-do list is already full. You are busy and while you would love to add a digital product like Planners to your shop the thought of starting from scratch is overwhelming.


Easy Breezy Planners is normally $67
but You get them as part of  Lizzy’s Christmas Party!

Easy Breezy Planners Will Help…

Simplify Design

Simplify the design process with professionally designed templates. These Canva templates were designed to be easy to use and make your business shine online.

Increase Income

With stand-out designs, you will be able to generate more income through your design services, digital products, marketing, or ALL of the above!

Get More Done

Yes, we all love Canva but your customers are not actually in Canva and you constantly feel like everything is taking you way too long.  Get in, get more done, serve your people and still have the time flexibility you dreamed of.

What’s Included in Easy Breezy Planners…

10 Cover Options + 35 Planning Pages

Including Goal Planning, Undated Calendars, Quarterly Planning, Weekly Planning, and Daily Planning Pages.

Mix and Match to create one or multiple planners. 

3 Styles of Dated Calendars
(Nov 22 – Dec 23)

Includes Monthly Dated Calendars in Single Page Portrait and 2 Page Spreads. 

The single page calendars come in a creative black and white and with colorful headers. Quickly edit any set creating unique styles.


10 Pomo Templates

Showcase your new planner with these listing templates and promo images.

Use these templates for shop listing and social media marketing. 

Easy Breezy Planners is normally $67
but You get them as part of  Lizzy’s Christmas Party!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need Canva Pro?
Nope. These Templates will work in the free version of Canva or Canva Pro.

Can I create a planner to sell?
With the Planner Templates, you can create finished products to sell, such as planners, ebooks, and workbooks. It must be a finished product and not access to the templates. 

Can I change the colors?
You sure can! You can use the templates by simply pasting in your content or you can also change the colors, fonts, and photos.

How Can I use the Templates? 
You can use the templates to create finished products for your business to use as opt-ins and to sell. You can use them to create multiple products for your business. You may not resell them as templates. 

About Kate Danielle

Kate Danielle is the Creative Director, Graphic Designer and Founder of Kate Danielle Creative.

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The main goal is create click worthy, traffic driving graphics for your business while saving you so much valuable time.

She says her most important titles are wife to Chris (a fellow entreprenuer), mom to an amazingly spirted daughter, and spoiler to her collie. Kate often has a coffee in hand, Harry Potter on her bookshelf and says words like y’all and fixin.

Easy Breezy Planners is normally $67
but You get them as part of  Lizzy’s Christmas Party!