Canva Templates

Pink, Teal, & Navy
Template Set

Stand Out with graphics that POP! on social media. These Click-worthy graphics are sure to stop the scroll. Look Fab and Chic and Get Noticed Online. These templates are ready to go by quickly popping in your image and headline. You can also change the colors in a few quick clicks!

What You Need: A Free Canva Account or Canva Pro.
Stock Photos can only be used in the templates they come in. 

Save 30% with this Bundle


Save time

Let's face it design can be fun but it can also be a HUGE time waster. Don't go down the design rabbit hole! Templates streamline your design process and move you through your to-do list faster! 

Be Recognizable

When you show up consistently on social media you will attract your readers and clients. Your audience will become familiar with your brand and your graphics will stand out in the crowded online space. 

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want yo use them for clients?

Go for it! You can use my templates for your clients as part of your services as long as you are only providing a finished graphic to them.  

Quick Set Up

Just a few clicks and the templates will be ready to use in your Canva account. 

Use As-is or Easily Brand

The templates are versatile. Type in headlines and use as-is or easily swap you the colors to fit any brand. 

Match Across Platforms

When you show up consistently and with consistent branding, you build brand recognition. This helps you stand out and attract both new and repeat people to your content.