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Make Irresistible Graphics With Ease In Canva


In this video, I've created a quick tutorial on getting started with making irresistible graphics with Canva.  If you're not a designer, no problem!

Canva is the perfect tool for entrepreneurs to easily design branded imagery and elements for their business.  So let's get started!

Making Graphics With Canva

You can select from the standard graphics for social media and print sizes or create your own dimensions.

Use the left menu to:

You can also create two folders for organizing your designs.

Creating A New Design

You can use the pre-designed layouts.  A few are free, but most cost $1 for you to use for the stock imagery.

**Simple tip:  Just replace the images in those layouts with your own images and you can usually download it for free anyway!

Features For Creating Your Designs

  • elements - add in simple graphics and cartoons
  • frames/grids - built in shapes for photos that you can crop and adjust
  • colors - change the color of most elements once it's inserted into your design
  • shapes - adjust the size and color
  • text - add text boxes, change the font, size and color
  • background - change the entire color or pattern

You can use the pre-designed text box options, but you can't change the layout of those.  The boxes are locked together with those.

Your Own Uploads

Simply drag and drop your own images to use in your designs.  You can even pull in Facebook photos if you've logged in with your Facebook account.

So you can see the potential and ease there is with using Canva!

Canva For Entrepreneurs

Because I want you to be able to have the best design and branding for your business, I've created a FREE course for you!

I want you to be able to master Canva so that your branded graphics are gorgeous, and made simply with ease.

Sign up right here and I'll be launching it soon!

Canva For Entrepreneurs

Hey There! I'm Kate Danielle and I get what it is like to be a busy mom with dreams of growing a business. I am hear to inspire you to "Think Like a Boss and Play Like a Mom!


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