With the holidays come the major sale days and everyone is looking for a deal (and usually ready to spend some money) but when you have services you may wonder how you should approach the sale days.

I am not a fan of discounting your staple services so here are a few ideas:

1. Introduce a New Service or Package at a Discounted Rate: Is there a new service you want to offer but need to build up your testimonials. Launch it around Holiday Sales at a limited-time introductory rate.

2. Offer a Simplified Version of Your Service: Create a package that is a small sampling of your service. Examples: Copy for a 4 Email Welcome Sequence,  Assessment of One Social Media Platform.

    3. Create a Holiday Exclusive Mini Package: People are often very busy around the holidays or want to take time off. Have a Special offer to manage their community for 2 weeks or 1 month or a package for scheduling 30 posts or managing their inbox. 

    4. Create an Exclusive Bundle of Your Services: Package up your services in a limited-time holiday sale offer.

    5. Collaborate with someone:  Find someone who offers complementary services to yours and partner up to make a special offer for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. If words are your thing maybe team up with someone who does designs (or buy my templates🔌) and offer 10 custom social media post.  

    6. Add a bonus to one of your service packages: Use any of the ideas mentioned to add a bonus for booking during the Holiday Sale Days. 

    Pro Tip: Be Super Clear in you offer details, how and when you will work and any revisions they get. I have learned the hard way when I think a job is simple and quick it can grow into something else when I wasn’t clear on ALL the details like limited revisions.

    Promote Affiliate Sales During Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday:

    Other ways to take advantage of Holiday Sales is to promote Affiliate sales (if you have a decent list and time to promote this) I say that because I feel like affiliate money is one of those things that can seem like easy money but end up taking up time for no return.  However, if you have a decent list size those people will be on the lookout for deals. 

    1. Software or programs that you know your clients love: Many of those have affiliate programs and run holiday specials. 

    2. Create an Entrepreneur Gift wish list of all the business things you love (books, office decor, tools etc). 

    3. Courses: Have you taken a course that your audience would love? See if the course has an affiliate program and running Black Friday Specials. 

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    Let’s Recap Black Friday Sale Ideas for an Online Service-Based Business

    Don't Just Discount Repackage

    Think of some creative ways to bundle your services. Create a special holiday sale package. Create a small sampling or short term offer of your services. This is a great way for people to begin working with you. 

    Collaborate with another Service Provider

    Team up with someone who offers complementary service to yours, create a special package, slip the profits. 

    Promo Sales of Affiliates

    See if products you love and know your clients will love have an affiliate program and will be running holiday promotions. 




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