If you want to design graphics that are attracting your ideal audience, there are 2 big questions you need to question to ask yourself.

  • Who and what are you serving?
  • What Vibe do you want to Give off?

Hey Boss Ladies in this post we going to cover who and what are your serving by giving you 5 things to know about your audience. Then be sure to check out the post about your brand vibe.

Get Super Clear on Who You want to Attract

Phrases like …. “Who is your ideal client” and “answer these demographic questions”  and create your avatar are likely things you have heard before…
(and if you are like me you might be tempted to roll your eyes).


You probably have some kind of idea in your head who your ideal person is.

Or you think ANYONE who is interested is my ideal person.

But, stick with me… because I have been there…I have thought the same things. AND WASTED SO MUCH TIME.

I want you to decide today who your target audience is because you can’t design visuals and content that speaks to everyone on the planet…. When you try that you get boring graphics and worst, no one is interested…

I know I know as soon as you think about  only serving one group of people  your mind screams but what about that group and this other thing I like to talk about…. I don’t want to cut them off I could lose readers and money….

But honestly how is that currently working out for you?

Do you feel scattered, all over the place and don’t know how to find your people?

I have been there had the same inner battle….

It wasn’t until I silenced the pushback in my own head and stuck with my decision to refine my audience and my products that I began to actually connect with my audience of Boss Ladies and get really good at what I serve.

So let me save you some time by telling you to really nail down the answers to the questions below.

Branding Your Business: 5 Things to Know about Your Target Audience

1. Demographics (age range, gender if it applies)
This is the easiest one to want to skip but seriously the more details the easier time you will have. The graphics I design for my target audience of Boss Ladies who are mostly moms in their,  mid-twenties to mid-thirties look way different than something I would design for say my husband’s business which is gender neutral and an older age range.

2. What does your target audience do? (for work and hobby)
List things that are related to your products, service and post and things that are not. Thinking about people’s hobbies is a get way to connect with your audience but also factor into income level. For example, my husband’s audience likes to travel meaning they have the money to do so. My audience likes Starbucks and wants to take their family to Disney meaning they can afford an expensive coffee but need to save up for an expensive trip.

3. Relating to your service, what is their biggest pain point?
What things frustrate them, what do they wish they could improve or what would just make them happy. People like to go as deep as  what keeps your audience up at night but I find that question can be overwhelming. For example, think about a shop that sells monograms shirts, this is very popular on Etsy… I don’t think getting a monogrammed shirt is keeping many people up at night but it does bring joy to that new mom’s life to get a monogrammed onesie or delights the aunt to have the perfect monogrammed gift.

4. How can you help them?
What is the outcome your service, blog post or product will have for your ideal audience? What can you do to make something easier for them? Remember it doesn’t have to be life-changing deep (it can be, but it can also be simple like the monogram example above).

5. What are things you might have in common with your target audience?
Think in terms of making connections: this can seem like totally random things. You won’t incorporate all of them and you may not incorporate any of these things in your creatives. Knowing what you might have in common with your audience comes in handy when producing content. It helps you connect on a deeper level and make you relatable. For me, I incorporate my love for coffee and being creative into my visuals.

Let me know in the comments some things you have in common with your ideal audience.

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