The Ultimate Canva Guide To Choosing Fonts For Your Brand

For bloggers, online shop owners, and almost any online entrepreneurs, appearance is a big deal. The internet is a highly visual place.  It’s a place in which most people “judge a book by a cover.”

Appearance is a big deal.

Have you ever left a blog just because it looked bad? I know I have. It could have great content that people are missing because of bad design.  Part of that design includes the specific fonts that you use.

The Non-Designer’s Guide To Choosing Fonts For Your Brand In Canva

Fonts are important in your designs and play a huge role in your branding. I typically use the same 2-3 fonts throughout all of my designs. 

Here are a bunch of things to consider when choosing fonts.

Fonts Give Off A Vibe

Fonts give off a vibe and that vibe should be consistent with your branding. Is your brand very modern, or is it more vintage? Do you try to give a personal feel with your brand?

  • Sans-serif Fonts (the fonts without little lines on the ends) tend to be modern, clean, and  upscale.
  • Serif Fonts (the ones with little lines) tend to be more classic. They are also known to be easier for reading in paragraphs. You often see serif fonts in books.
  • Script fonts are feminine and elegant. Due to their ornate detail, I would only use them as accents fonts.
  • Handwritten fonts add a personal touch, but I would also only use them as an accent font.

Picking Fonts Is A Branding Choice

Ideally, you should use the same 2-3 fonts on all of your designs.  That way everything you create is recognizable to your audience.

Pro Tip: You do not have to use the same font in your logo, you can choose to only use that font in your logo. For me, I use my logo font sparingly in most of my designs.

Choose An On-Brand Accent Font

Pick a font that is representative of your brand to use sparingly in your designs.

For example, keep most of the text simple with one word in a more creative font.

Choose Fonts That Are Easy To Tead

Pro Tip: Keep in mind, when you are designing, that you know what your text says. I use a handwritten styled font in my brand, but I am very choosy about the words I will use it on. If a word looks hard to read I won’t use it.

For example, I have many pins I create with the word ‘Canva’. Not everyone will know that word, so I need to be extra sure it is readable.

The graphic below shows some fonts in Canva and the vibe they give off.

Choosing Fonts For Your Brand In Canva | Kate Danielle chats about all the creative ways you can design elegant and stylish fonts for your branding with Canva. | online business, graphic design, pinterest pins, pin designs, canva fonts, canva designs, font themes, font branding styles.

Customize Your Own Fonts In Canva

If you subscribe to Canva For Work, you can upload your own fonts. I would suggest looking into purchasing a brand font or two from Creative Market. What fonts do you love to use with your brand?


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