Kate Danielle

“Think Like a Boss &
Play Like a Mom”

Design with Canva (Free Course)

Irresistible graphics don’t have to be hard or extremely time-consuming! This free course will show you how.

Susie liberatore


Does Your Branding Need Help?

Do you have your brand in place but just need that extra boost? Do you need someone to step in and really monitor your brand to make sure that it reaches the right brand? Do you need someone to help make sure your brand is cohesive?

Fabulous with Alice

Alice Miriam Andreat

The Facebook "LIVE" Quick Start Formula - A Guide For Business Owners

This Freebie Includes: The before, during and after of going live, what to talk about and a simple outline to follow until you get comfortable with the live process.

pollina PR + marketing

Alessandra Pollina

5 Day Marketing Challenge

This is a 5 day marketing challenge which walks you through creating a media pitch to secure media coverage about your business.

Kate Danielle

“Think Like a Boss &
Play Like a Mom”

Get Started with InDesign: Guide + Tamplate

This guide will walk you through the basics of creating a printable pdf in InDesign and comes with a template to practice with.

A Simple and Contented Life

Sarah Dew

The Busy Mum’s MASTER PLAN

A Simple and Contented Life is all about making family life less stressful and more enjoyable. It’s aim is to help you reduce the overwhelm, find more balance and live a family life you love. Do you want to stop being dictated by your to-do list and start calling the shots? Get back on track and STAY on track with my Busy Mum’s MASTER PLAN. With every ‘mum’ task you can possibly think of listed month by month, getting organised and STAYING organised has never been easier!

Famlee of Four


A Cup of Motivation

Need motivation? Do you ever feel tired and drained but uncertain what the cause is? Do you want simple suggestions to get motivated to follow through with your goal?

The Ambitious Mum's Coach

Tiffany Charters

Wheel of Balance Tool

Living life at a 10

As a starting point for creating awareness, balance, happiness and success in your life & business, the Wheel of Balance is the perfect tool to begin your journey.

Using this tool, you will be able to reflect and gain some insight into the balance of your life and how satisfied you are in life’s different areas.

Conversations That Matter

Kathy Drewien

Join the CTM Inner Circle

Join us for Conversations That Matter. We get it. We are on a mission to create conversations that matter. As often as possible and wherever possible. We create meaningful connections and spark conversations through asking interesting and thought-provoking questions during lunch and dinner events we host and facilitate. The purpose is simple: to listen, learn, and inspire one another through meaningful dialogue.

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Because as Entreprenuers I believe it is impoartant to take care of our selves.
If you are not thriving how can your business thrive?

Humble Faith Family Wellness

Melissa Gendreau

Get the first 4 Chapters of Living in the Word e-Workbook: A Therapist's Guide to Becoming a Stronger Christian.

Each topic will utilize bible verses, questions, and practical advice to assist you in forming thoughts, opinions, and behaviors that align with God’s Word.

Your free chapters will also include the e-workbook table of context so you can get a sneak peek at what the full e-workbook includes.

Missy Hacker


Discover Keto

Get a Free E-book about the Keto Diet