Holiday Planner Templates

Create a Christmas Planner to Sell

Help your audience keep the Holidays Organized with these Ready-Made Christmas Planner Templates. 

Holiday Planners are a great digital product to add to your online shop. 

or use it as a freebie to grow your list. 

You can use as-is or swap out colors, fonts and creative elements. The best part is you don’t need to spend HOURS designing from scratch!

Get the Templates Now for $37

Done for You Product Templates!

Customize your own holiday planners with this set of Canva Templates for the upcoming Holiday Season. You can sell them on your website, in a shop, or use them to grow your list.

Get the Templates Now for $37

Grow Your Shop with these Commercial Use Templates

The Done for You Holiday Planner
Templates for Canva Includes:

  • 2 Different Creative Styles
  • Designed Covers
  • Nov & Dec 2022  Dated Calendar
  • Thanksgiving Meal Plan
  • Holiday Bucket List
  • Christmas Card Tracker
  • Party Planning Pages
  • Guest List
  • Gift Tracker
  • Wish List
  • Gift Tags
  • Holiday Car Bingo

And a commercial license to sell it as a finished product.

A Total of 38 Pages are Included in the Set

Get the Holiday Templates Today for $37

What You Can Do with these Templates

Create Products to Sell
Customize and use these templates to design your own planner to sell as a digital product. You can sell them on your site or in a marketplace shop. It must be a finished product you can not resell as templates. 

Use as a Freebie to Grow Your List
Mix and Match the templates to create a great freebie for your audience.

Add it to Your Membership
If you host a membership you can customize the templates to create a finished planner for your members.

Edit and Customize the Pages
You can add content, remove content, change text,  add your own branding and creative style.  I recommend taking time to make the pages your own.

Design for Clients
Use the templates as a starting point to design products for clients.


You can not Sell the templates
You must create a finished planner and cannot share access to the Canva templates.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I access the templates?
You have 6 months to get the templates, download any creative elements and watch any training videos from my site. Once you load the templates into your Canva account they are yours to use FOREVER.

Do I Need Canva Pro?
Nope. These Templates will work in the free version of Canva or Canva Pro.

Can I change the colors and fonts?
You sure can! I recommend it. Change the colors, fonts and add creative elements. 

Do I need to give credit? 
Nope, you can add your own branding to your finished planner. I do have an affiliate program if you would like to help spread the word about these products. 

Get the Holiday Templates Today for $37

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Get the Holiday Templates Today for $37