Six Reasons to Start Selling Digital Products on Etsy

Apr 17, 2017 | Business Tips, Getting Started, Selling Digital Products

There is a lot of debate about selling on Etsy vs. your own Website. I’m a fan of both.

When you are just starting your passive income business (or as I like to call it, Creative Income for the Mom life) there are many benefits to opening a shop on Etsy first.  

Reasons To Start Selling Digital Products On Etsy

Here are six reasons to start selling digital products on Etsy.  

1 )  Time And Cost Efficient

Opening an Etsy Shop is easier and more cost efficient than creating your entire brand and website. Yes, there are fees for listing and selling on Etsy. But hiring someone to build a website can be pricey. Of course, DIY-ing your website is possible, but will take time.

As a side note, you can easily calculate Etsy fees using this handy calculator right here. 

2 )  Etsy Aids in Product Discovery

When you are just getting started or just don’t have time to be promoting your own site, this is great!  People come to Etsy to shop and find creative goods.

So your audience is already in place. Etsy has 25 million, yes MILLION shoppers

3 )  Etsy Has A Trust Factor

Today, branding is everything.  When you open a shop on Etsy, it is not solely your brand. You can do a lot with the shop banners, but you are still under the Etsy umbrella.

But you know also comes with that umbrella? TRUST. You start out with trust which can take time to build on your own.  

Etsy has already earned the trust of shoppers, so people already feel they can safely make purchases with that.

4 )  You Can List Build On Etsy!

There is a big misconception that you cannot grow your subscriber list via Etsy. You can, you just have to follow the rules.

Now you can’t just take a buyer’s email address and add it to your list. But you can have opt-ins that you promote on Etsy.  

Here is a great article straight from the Etsy Seller Handbook all about it: How to Grow Your Business With Newsletters.

5 )  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Etsy has phenomenal search engine optimization that will often outrank personal website listings. There is also SEO within Etsy searches itself. 

Once you understand how it works, it is pretty easy to get your products to rank well. (More on that in a future post.)

6 )  Awesome Automation

Etsy’s digital product feature allows you to upload your product to your listing. After a purchase is made, the buyer will be able to download it automatically.  Easy!

Reasons To Start Selling Digital Products On Etsy: 40 Free Listing CreditsSo Start Selling!

Not every platform can offer these same reasons to selling digital products.  So if you’ve been eager to start selling your digital products, there’s no better place.  

**To help you get started with your Etsy Shop you can grab 40 free listings (I get 40 listing credits as too)!

Just fill out this form and the link will be sent right to your inbox!

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FYI, it’s for new shops only.  But it’s shouldn’t deter you from picking where you left off if you’ve already created a shop.

What are you going to start selling in your shop to generate creative passive income for the Mom life? Let me know in the comments.   

What are you selling on Etsy?

¹ Source: By the Numbers: 40 Amazing Etsy Statistics, by Craig Smith

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