10 Reasons You Need to Use a Better Design Program


Do Your Designs Need to Graduate… you know, from that Free Online tool you Use?

Here is the thing, I am all about working with what you have got and can afford. I also believe in growth and this includes your designs and printables.

Confession time… I rarely use Canva. If you met me through my Canva course or saw me get tagged to answer Canva questions this might be news to you.

Why am I telling you this… well because I want it to be clear about the tools I personally use.

I started sharing my knowledge about Canva and Design because that is what my audience at the time used…. But then I would get questions about my own printables or client printables and how I made them… HINT, it was not in Canva.


Yes I do love Canva for its simplicity. It is a wonderful tool that you can do so much with.  I have a great FREE course on it.

So Back to the Question… Do your Designs Need to Graduate?

Yes they do if you want to…

  1. Sell Printable Products (sure you can start with Canva but this is a big gray area as far as commercial rights). 
  2. Design Multi-page Opt-ins or Workbooks
  3. Edit Photos to Sell
  4. Design Graphics (Like, Logos to Sell)
  5. Stop Running into Glitches!
  6. Get a little more fancy with your designs… Hello Drop Shadows and textures.
  7. Use your own fonts and edit text with much more control… (yes I know you can do this with the Paid Version)
  8. Be able to make sure everything is perfectly aligned with rulers and grids.
  9. Have Better organization (Adobe actually has better organization features when it comes to building a library or libraries of colors, graphics, images and more).
  10. Have an easier workflow….(Gasp… you heard me… I know if you have ever opened up an Adobe program only to immediately close it because all of the buttons and the overwhelm of not knowing where to even start  that it is hard to believe you would ever have an easier workflow, but trust me once you learn the basics of a program like InDesign you will begin to have less headaches and a better workflow.

I do know what that overwhelm feels like,  every time I open Adobe’s video editing program my eyes go crossed. However,  I never felt overwhelmed by InDesign because once upon a time I sat at a computer in a college class while a professor walked me through the basics.  

And that is where you need to start.

With the Basics and I will show them to you in my free guide, Get Started with InDesign; Creating a Printable. After you learn the basics you then can build on that, both adding more flair to your designs and improving your workflow.


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