12 Ways to Automate Your Business for the Holidays

Is Your Business Ready for the Holidays? & No I’m not talking about Turkeys, Christmas Trees, or even sales.

I’m talking about automation. Holidays are often a busy time for moms with to-do list a mile long, school breaks and of course wonderful family time.

Will your business still be running while you are basting a Turkey, trimming the tree and spending time with loved ones?

12 Ways to Automate Your Business


  1. Email Auto Response
    If you are not going to be available during the Holidays set up an Automated Email that will send as a reply to emails you get. Let your people know when you will be checking your email and also give them some info such as links to pages on your site that will could help answer questions you get a lot or how to you use the products you sell.
  2. Plan and Schedule Your Blog Post
    I believe you should be planning your post anyway (if I don’t plan my post ahead they do not get done) but it is especially helpful when things get really busy. Be sure to schedule your post for anytime during holidays when you won’t be able to publish a post at the regular time.
  3. Schedule Your Newsletters
    Keep in Touch with your list by scheduling out emails. I use ConvertKit for my email list and try to pre-plan any newsletters I will be sending, especially before any busy season such as the Holidays.
  4. Set up Funnel Sequences
    Funnels are a big part of my Passive Income and a great thing to implement so your business can generate income while you are away. My funnels look like this… Opt-in that leads to a Thank You page with a Tripwire product, if they purchase then they have the option to expand to the full version of the product. I run automated emails with ConvertKit to go along with the funnel.
  5. Automate Pinterest
    I get a lot of Traffic From Pinterest and I automate my Pinterest strategy with Tailwind. You can sign up for a free trail of Tailwind to get started.
  6. Automate Your Facebook Group
    If you have a Facebook Group now would be a great time to try out the new option to schedule your prompts. Don’t think just because the Holidays are here that you should skip prompts, at some point people may need a little break from family and will turn to their phones. You may want to give your group a heads up if you won’t be checking in as much as normal.
  7. Schedule the rest of your social media
    Keep Up Communications on other social networks you use such as Instagram, Your Facebook Page or Twitter.
  8. Set up a FAQ Page and link to it in your auto response
    If you do not have a Frequently Asked Questions page now would be a great time to set one up. Be sure to link to it in your email auto response.
  9. Set Up Calendly
    If you often set up virtual meetings use an app Like Calendly where you can share a link for people to schedule a time with you. Be sure to update your available hours for the holiday season. This is also something you can add to your auto-responder.
  10. Sell Digital Products
    I am all about building a Passive Income Business with Digital Products. However if you have more of a client based business, adding digital products is a great way to automate income during periods where you are not available. You can turn things you already have into products such as swipe files or selling things you created to use in your business. More on this next week.
  11. Send out info about Affiliate Holiday Sales
    Weather you are in the Business to Business market or Business to Consumer, I know there are things you use that your audience might want to use to. For B2B this could be tools you use in your business and for B2C it could be products you love that your audience would love too. People love to shop during the holidays because of sales and for last minute business tax write-offs. So be sure to schedule emails and social media post about any Holiday Sales from your affiliates.
  12. Automate Shop Marketing with Renewals and Social Media Post 
    Keep your shops active with automation. In Etsy you can use renewal tools to give you shop listings a boost. I use Etsy on Sell to automate renewals for my shops. For other shops such as on Your Website or Creative Market Keep them active by scheduling promotional post on social media.

These 12 Business Automation Tips are great to start implementing during the busy holiday season and a great ways to save time in your business all year long. 

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If you are thinking about adding digital products to your business download my Product Brainstorming Worksheet.

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