5 Printable Products You Can Make in Canva & Sell

How to Add a White Outline in Canva

There are a ton of different lists of digital products you can sell online especially for marketplaces like Etsy… I have another myself 25 Digital Products to Sell on Etsy.

In this post, however, I want to focus on Printables that can add to your passive income as a niche blogger, course creator, infopreneur, or coach.

1. Planners… All Kinds of Planners

This one is by far my favorite and very versatile for any niche. 

Printable Planners are very popular on marketplaces like Etsy. You could create a more general planner with in a creative design or it could be specific for focusing on goals, or online business. 

This could be a full monthly, weekly and daily planner. Another popular option is to offer single pages or a small bundle that might be added into a planner or binder like a habit tracker, a weekly layout, or bullet journal inserts. 



2. Savings & Financial Printables

Financial planners and trackers can be included in planners but they are also a great niche on their own and are very popular on Etsy. Popular products to create in this category are print and cut cash envelopes, budget trackers, savings goal sheets, debt tracker, and bill tracker.  

3. Home Organization Printables

This could include things such as meal planners, cleaning checklists, medical information trackers, school information forms, car maintenance trackers, home maintenance trackers. These types of printables can often be found in what’s called a Life Planner or Life-Binder Printables and include anything that helps keep a home and family organized. 

4. Other Niche Planners

I know I keep talking about planners but it is because they can be very versatile to fit almost any niche. We’ve already covered Financial Planners and Home Organization but I want to encourage you to do some research on your niche and see what kind of planners or printables are being sold.

(Pro Tip: Finding competition is a good thing. I know sometimes it can seem like there are sooo many people selling the very thing that you want to create but proof of demand is great… it means there are customers for it. And now you can come along and add your own unique take to that thing.)

Some examples of this would be a blog planner, social media planner or even niche it furter to be for a certain social media platform, meal planner, fitness planner, essential oil printables… really the list goes on. If you want help brainstorming an idea let me know in the comments what you do. 

5. Guides and Workbooks

Switching gears now let’s talk about another popular printable (or PDF) and that’s guides and workbooks. Like planners, this can fit almost any niche. It could be a specialized meal-planning guide, a Social Media Engagement Guide, a Goal Planning Guide, or a guided journal.

How this differs from the niche planners we already mentioned is that you are going to teach your customer something in written form. Instead of just having printables where someone can brainstorm and plan out their Instagram content or their meals you are going to share with them your method of how you plan and create engaging content for Instagram or your tips for stress-free meal planning.

It’s completely up to you if you want your product to be a guide without space to write or if you want to include planning space or questions to be answered. I base this either on what my audience prefers or my intended use. For example, I am working on a guide for reaching your goals and dream life, and while I could include space to write I envision this best done in a journal that my customer loves and can come back to again and again.

How to Create Your Printable Product Quickly

So sometimes when you have a new idea like creating and selling a new printable it can be very overwhelming. Your to-do just grew a mile and you don’t really know where to start. Or maybe you’ve got the content down but graphic design is not your thing.

You go from excited to wanting to give up before you even start.
I’ve been there and the biggest thing I had to learn is you don’t have to do it ALL yourself. 

Here are some great resources that will help you get your products done in no time:

1. Money by Design Membership (opening March 1): This new membership, opening in March, will feature monthly Canva templates for printables with commercial use and marketing templates. Each month a new set of Templates will be released that will help you create new printables and a new set of social media marketing will be released for promotional use.

Join the Money by Design Waitlist and you will be first to know when the doors open with a special bonus.

  1. Coach Glue: This is a great place to get done for you content for your printables. I use to be really unsure about using done for you content but I love coach glue (even though I’m not a business coach). I view their content as the jumping-off point versus starting with a blank page. I format their content in my voice, add my own expertise and spin and then design it in a pretty layout. Check them out here, they have a variety of online business topics. Check out the products here (affiliate link). 

3. Content Drafts: Another great place for content. At Content Drafts, you can get done for you content that focuses on a variety of self-improvement topics from going greener, eating better to Mindset and decluttering. Check out their content here

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