6 Ways to Earn Passive Income During the Holidays

Would you like your business to earn money when life gets busy and you are not actively working? Holidays are often a busy time for moms with to-do list a mile long, school breaks and of course wonderful family time.

I know for me I will have to be very conscious of the task I need to get done and having my daughter out of preschool for 2 weeks right as I wrap up one year and plan for the next.
This is why I LOVE passive income and automation (see: 12 WAYS TO AUTOMATE YOUR BUSINESS FOR THE HOLIDAYS)

6 Ways to Add or Boost Passive Income During the Holidays

1.Affiliates Sales:

Weather you are in the Business to Business market or Business to Consumer, I know there are things you use that your audience might want to use to. For b2b this could be tools you use in your business and for B2C it could be products you love that your audience would love to.

Tip: Google a Brand You love with the words “Affiliate Program”

Great B2B Affiliates: ConvertKit, Tailwind, Adobe Programs, Ultimate Bundles
Great B2C Affiliates: Ultimate Bundles, Shareasale (for tons of brands).


People love to shop during the holidays because of sales and for last minute tax write offs for businesses. So be sure to schedule emails and social media post about any Holiday Sales from your affiliates.


2. Repurpose Something into a Digital Product

Turn something you created for your business into a Digital Product.

B2B Ideas:  Email Swipe Files, Stock Photos you took for your site, Templates you made for yourself, Tello Board
B2C Ideas: Holiday Meal Plan, Planner You Created, Tello Board

Tip: Since these things were initially intended for your personal use you need to make sure you have commercial use rights for any fonts, graphics, and design elements you may have used.


3. Sale a recorded Webinar

Have you done a popular Webinar that is no longer available for free? Sell it as a mini course. I just bought one of these about productivity for $9 on sale (it is now $20). It was a webinar that was recorded but only available for replay for 48 hours and now packaged up as a digital product.


4. Automated Funnels (or improve the funnels you have)

I love automated funnels with a passion!

In short, I have an opt-in with various blog post and pins pointing to it. Once someone opts in they are redirected to a small product for sale, usually a smaller version of the main product for my reader to try out. If they purchase they have the opportunity to upgrade to the full product at a discounted rate.  If at any point they do not buy they are put in my email funnel and will get a few reminders about the products and special prices.

Tip: If you are like me and already have funnels in place then this is a great time to go back and make improvements.

5. Run a Sale or Open a Closed Product

Consider running a special Holiday Promotion or open the doors to a close course. Courses don’t always need huge launches with open and close dates.


6. Create an Affiliate Program

Offer your customers the opportunity to be affiliate for your products. Having affiliates is just a form of marketing, so don’t think of it as sharing a cut of your sales, you are paying for marketing. To quickly create an affiliate program you can use Referral Candy


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