Canva: 10 Things to Create for Your Business in Canva

10 things to create in Canva-09

I was converted to the Canva Side…. It is true.

Hey welcome to my blog I’m Kate Danielle and as a Graphic Designer I am a diehard Adobe Fan (still am) but after doing some research about why online entrepreneurs choose Canva over Adobe I found the immense value in its simplicity.  As busy online entrepreneurs there is something to be said about not overcomplicating things.


Today I am sharing a list of 10 things you can design for your brand in Canva.

  1. Brand Board
  2. Logo
  3. Blog Header Templates
  4. Pin Templates
  5. Facebook Group Prompts
  6. Opt-in Template
  7. Social Media Banners
  8. Social Media Templates
  9. Shop Headers
  10. Email Header


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