How To Create Templates In Canva For Quick Designs

How To Create Templates In Canva

I made a quick video for you so you can quickly create, use, and duplicate pins from templates over and over again!  Here’s how to create templates in Canva three different ways.

Your graphic templates don’t have to change that much in order for you to have a big spread of gorgeous pins quickly.  Once you create a pin you like, use it as a template that you can make over and over.

Creating New Templates

There are three ways to create a new pin from a template.  You can, duplicate a finished pin while you’re in the editing pane.  Just click the duplication button on the right side of your pin.

How To Create Templates In Canva While Editing

Or when you’re on your dashboard, you can save pins to a folder for easy reference.  Just drag and drop to your folder.

How To Create Templates In Canva From Pins In Folders

Then when you’re looking for your template, open that folder, click on the pin you want to duplicate, and click Use As Template.

How To Create Templates In Canva With Saved Designs

The last way to create a new pin from a template is to simply copy a pin from Your Designs dashboard.  This is will create a new design that automatically saves.

How To Create Templates In Canva By Copying Designs

Creating Your New Pin From The Template

Now comes the fun part!  Just take your template and switch out the elements needed for your new pin design.

  • change the text for a new title
  • switch out the image for a new one
  • change your colors to other brand options
  • then just tweak it as needed

Now you have a whole new pin super fast!  It’s awesome!

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