How to Design and Sell Digital Products

How to Design and Sell Digital Products

Earning Passive Income with Downloadable Digital Products

Earn money while you sleep or play with your kids…. Umm yes please!!! Hey There! I’m Kate Danielle and I teach moms how to design digital products so they can “Think Like a Boss & Play Like a Mom”

How to Design and sell Downloadable Digital Products

Downloadable Digital Products are a great way to earn Passive Income…Money While you Sleep! Or for us Mom’s Money While you say yes to paying with your kids. Let’s go ahead and get the elephant out of the room… it will still take work and time but Printable Digital Products have the awesome benefit of selling over and over without much increase in the demand of time!


Grab my Digital Product Brainstorm worksheet

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Digital Product Ideas

What are some types of Downloadable Digital Products?

  • Planners of all kinds (business, daily, blog planners, and this list could really go on).
  • Templates
  • Graphics
  • Workbooks
  • E-books
  • Printable Wall Decor
  • Stationary
  • Invitations


Get more ideas in my post, 25 Passive Income Products to Sell on Etsy


Creating Digital Products

How to you Design Downloadable Digital Products?
I am a huge fan of Adobe Programs. Indesign is my go to for most printables and fillable templates. You can also make program specific templates, such as my Canva Templates. I use Illustrator for graphics or art prints.

Tip: If you are brand new to Adobe I would begin learning one program. InDesign is going to be the most versatile program  in that it AWESOME for Multi-page Printables and is still a great choice for creating wall art.

Selling Digital Products

Where can you Sell  Downloadable Digital Products?

My favorite places to sell are..

  • Etsy
  • Creative Market
  • Your own Website – (I use WordPress and Woocommerce)


Do you have a Products Idea? If not, then grab my Downloadable Digital Product Brainstorm worksheet.



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