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How to Add a White Outline in Canva

So you want to write an ebook? You probably already know they can be great introductory (passive income) products or lead magnets to grow your email list, but…

You get stuck when deciding what to write about.

In this post, I give you several ideas to help you brainstorm the perfect ebook topic for your online business.

Look at the most popular content that you’ve already created.

Peak at your analytics and see what your most popular content is. You can expand on one post and go deeper or combine a few related posts. Check out my post, How to Repurpose Content into an Ebook


Help Your New Audience Get Started

Look at your products, the things you teach, and the content you create and determine the beginning steps for a newbie. If you are a course creator, you could even turn your first module or two into written form as an intro. For example, to use my templates most effectively, my audience needs to have branding. I could write an ebook about DIY-ing your brand or how to set up your brand in Canva. 


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What questions do you get asked?

Think back to what questions you’ve been asked about your topic. Reach out to your email list or social media audience and ask what questions they might have about XYZ. 

Play Google ABCs  

Search your niche in google and check out what others search. I like to play the ABC game. It takes some time, but you will get loads of ideas. For example, I might type “How to Canva A” in the search box I get some great phrases. I would note ones that stick out, then type “How to Canva B” and so on. Once I have a list of ideas, I can take it further by looking at the People Also Ask Section near the top and the suggested search near the bottom. 

Use a research tool or Headline Generator.

Sometimes you need the right spark to figure out the angle of your ebook. You can use a tool like Answer the Public to generate tons of questions around your topic or a headline generator tool to get your creative juices flowing. 

Still Stuck? Here’s More

If you’re still stuck, let’s look at some format ideas for the type of ebook you could write to help you brainstorm even more. 

How to Ebook

A how-to ebook could be a process you teach, like:
  • How to Increase Engagement on Instagram
  • How to use Pinterest for Organic Marketing
  • How to Meal Prep
  • How to Get Started with Essential Oils.

Ultimate Guide to XYZ

An ultimate guide is similar to a how-to ebook, but this type of ebook goes deeper into your topic. 
  • Ultimate Guide to Healthier Living with Essential Oils
  • Ultimate Guide to Using Canva Like a Pro
  • Ultimate Guide to Organic Pinning 
  • Ultimate Guide to Freezer Meal Prep

Expert Advice 

Think of 1-3 juicy questions to ask others adjacent to your niche.  Since I design templates for social media, I might come up with questions to ask Instagram experts. Then I can and compile the answers in an Ebook. 
  • How to Grow on Instagram: Advice from 21 Experts 
  • Best Pinterest Marketing Tips from 10 Experts
  • 12 Experts Share How to Go Live with Confidence
  • The Best Holiday Cookies: 20 Cooks Share their Favorite Christmas Cookies

# Tips to [XYZ]

Create a list of tips, tricks, hacks, or ways to do something. 
  • 7 Tips to a More Productive Day
  • 12 Ways to Use Lavender Essential Oil
  • 31 Post Ideas for Instagram
  • 31 Easy Dinners for Busy Families

Must-Have Tools 

Compile a list of tools to make your audience’s life easier, but keep it related to your niche. The Bonus is you could use affiliate links in this ebook. 
  • Top 5 Tools to Run Your Business Better
  • 12 Apps to Keep your Business Organized
  • The 10 Must-Have Essential Oils
  • Kitchen Must-Haves to Make Cooking Easier

In a Weekend 

This ebook teaches a process that can be completed in a few days or a set number of days.
  • Learn Canva in a Weekend
  • 31 days of Gratitude
  • Set up Your Blog in a Weekend
  • 21 days to a New Habit
  • Seven days to become a Meal Prep Master

Be, Have, Grow, Launch 

It may seem like I bunched a few ideas together in this example, but the abovementioned words are all outcome verbs. This type of ebook focuses on the outcome you will help your readers reach. You may also notice that in the examples below, I pull in the other ebooks types as well. 
  • How to be More Productive 
  • 5 Simple Tips to Grow Your Email List 
  • Plan Your Launch in a Weekend
  • Have More Freetime: 10 experts share how to avoid burnout

It Could be a Workbook

Don’t get stuck thinking your ebook has to be text. It could be a workbook that is part information and part interactive. 
  • Plan a Month’s Worth of Social Media Content
  • It’s not too Late: How to Achieve Your Goals in Q4
  • A guided gratitude Journal 
  • Take Action: Goal planning for 2022
  • Affiliate Marketing Guide: Plan Your Best Affiliate Launch! 
  This list could go on and on, but it is time for you to take action! Let me know in the comments what topics you are thinking about or if you have any questions.   

Time to Design

Once you get your idea set and your ebook is written, then you need to design it. I’ve got your back with my Easy E-book Template set. 

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PDF E-books and workbooks are a great way to earn money, but they can take so much time to design…

Like, where did the entire day go, and what do I have to show for it kind of time. There should be an easier way to get AMAZING content to look amazing too, right?! 

Time to Say BYE BYE BYE to wasted hours staring at a blank computer screen trying to get a PDF E-book or Workbook Design just Right 

And get back to growing a business!


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