Getting Your Priorities And Structure Right: Interview With Britt Bolnick

May 8, 2017 | Blog, Business Tips


Getting Your Priorities And Structure Right

Britt Bolnick of helps women building heart centered, out of the box businesses that don’t take away from the rest of their life.  In this interview, I chatted with her about priorities and structure in business and life.

Importance Of Having A Business Coach

A coach gives you guidance and accountability that you may not be able to find anywhere else.  It really costs more in the long run to try and do it yourself.

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Time Management Systems

Not every system works for everyone, so create your own time management system.  Simply be as focused and clear as possible, knowing exactly what you’re working on.  Having a bird’s eye view of your goals helps to get things done.

My Sacred Structure

I think of time as a container.  You can see through it and get really clear as to what’s most important to fit in that container.

Determine what your focus is for the year in your business and life.  Then only work on those things first, taking things in steps that lead to your end goal.

Get the Sacred Structure workbook freebie right here.

Staying Focused When Life Is Chaotic

There are two keys to staying focused that you must follow.


  • Does this have to be done?
  • Does it have to be done right now?
  • Do you have to do it, or can someone else do it?

Get really clear about what’s happening.  Always ask if the task can be delayed, declined, or delegated.

Take Time For Spiritual Practice

No matter what your beliefs are, remember that there is something bigger than all of us.

  • prayer
  • visualize
  • connect

It gives you grounding like setting the roots of your tree.  Then when the wind blows it’s not going to knock you over.

I would also add that you should remember that someone is always watching you.  Are you giving the type of example that you want them to see?

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Balancing Mom Life & Work Life

  • create boundaries around time periods dedicated to certain tasks
  • make a time for everything in your schedule
  • remember that it’s important your children see you away from work when it’s time with them
  • choose to show up when you know you can be 100% present
  • when your kids are at home, have patience, they’re the priority
  • get as much help as you can from a virtual assistant or a mentor

“There’s no successful woman who did it alone.”

Favorite Tools?

MileageIQ for work travel tracking.

What Do You Love About Being A Boss?

Getting invites to show up as a leader and business model for strong feminine leadership.

How Do You Play Like A Mom?

I love to giggle hysterically like a kid while I’m connecting with my daughter.

More Of Britt’s Resources

A variety of programs you can access here.

  • Biz Blocks, introductory course that can be done on your own
  • Sass Circle, program for newer business owners, accountability and a lot of content
  • Mastermind program, intermediate/advanced business owners, private time with me
  • VIP program, dedicated time with me for four months

I also do live retreats with clients and live calls to help you evaluate where you are.

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