Should you even brand Holiday Graphics…. I mean Holidays kind of have their own Brand, right?

But so does your business (or it should). 

First of all let me just say you make the rules for your business and your brand (and I fully believe you should have brand rules). 

With that said here is how I handle holiday graphics.

If the graphic appears in a curated area where I want cohesive branding I brand them in my colors. For me this would be an Instagram Post and My Blog Feature Images.

Another place where this could matter to some is YouTube but I tend to view my youtube channel as a place of discovery so it doesn’t really matter to me in that case whether all my youtube thumbnails stay branded.

One platform could matter more to you than it does me it just depends on your business goals. 

Where you should use Traditional Holiday Colors in Graphics

There is one platform where I think it is absolutely essential that you create graphics that are both in holiday colors and in your brand (especially if you’re specifically promoting any kind of holiday content) and that is Pinterest.

Pinterest is such a sea of information so if you’re promoting something for Christmas a pin designed with the traditional red and green is going to help a person who is searching for that Holiday thing visually connect with the pin image. I also think it’s beneficial to have an additional pin in your brand colors because that’s going to help people who are already familiar with your branch associate that pin graphics with you.  Plus more Pin Graphics the better. 

What About Graphics on Stories…

For me stories are a more casual vide with it come to graphics, so I like to mix it up when I can and you are likely to see orange and black for Halloween and Red and Green for Christmas. 


What About Facebook….

I also view Facebook as a sea of content (for you it could be a place of branded content like Instagram is for me) so it can really go either way. I see the benefit of having some traditional holiday color graphics to really draw people in if you have some holiday-specific thing you are promoting.

but if you just want to say happy holidays then I would use your colors and I’m going to show you just how to do that. 

Let’s Recap Branding Holiday Graphics for Social Media

Brand Holiday Graphics for Curated Feeds

I want my Instagram and Blog feeds to have an overall on-brand look so I Brand any Holiday Graphics to match.  

Find Holiday Elements in Canva that Your Can Brand

There are Many Elements in Canva in which you can edit every color. Use your brand colors or change them to neutral colors like white or black and incorporate your branding in the text or background.  

Use Festive Colors Where it Makes Since

On Pinterest, I recommend creating pins in both Traditional Holiday colors and Branded Holiday Pins. On temporary graphics like stories, I would have fun with holiday colors.  

If you want more elements to use in
Canva consider trying Canva Pro


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