How to Choose Your Word of the Year

Do you do the whole word of the year thing?

I have tried in the past but this year is going to be the best because I did what worked for me!

In the video below I share 5 tips for choosing your
word of the year.

Picking Your 2019 Word of the Year (Video Summery)

  1. Make Your Own Rules.  Don’t just pick a word because that is the thing to do. 
  2. Don’t Overthink It. You do not need to find some fancy word. 
  3. Go with what is on your heart. Based of 2018 what do you feel like you should focus on? 
  4. Display it Everywhere. I made a spread in my bullet journal and will make a print in Canva to display in my office. 
  5. Pray about it. If your word hasn’t come to mind yet pray over it. When you decided on a word pray about being true to or focusing on your word
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