Removing a background from a photo has never been easier. You no longer need a stead hand and Photoshop.

In this post, I show you the easiest way to remove the background from a photo.

Canva Pro has a brand new button to make this happen in one click. If you do not have Canva Pro sign up for a trail and give it a try.

Using a cutout selfie great for Youtube Thumbnails, Facebook Ads, creative Instagram post and stories.

Really you can use them in any graphics. Don’t shy away from using your photo either people connect more with your smiling face!

How to Remove a Photo Background with One Click

Use Canva Pro’s New Photo Background Remover

Upload a Photo to Canva

Drag Your Photo into your Design. 

Click on Effects on the Upper Left

Click the Background Remover and wait for the Magic to Happen. It takes a few seconds. 

Don't have Canva Pro

Try it for Free. and give the photo background remover a try.




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