Week 2: How To Design Irresistible Tall Pins In Canva

Today I have a great video tutorial on how to make irresistible tall pins in Canva.  It’s easy and you can follow along to make this simply gorgeous design!

Designing Tall Pins In Canva

Instead of using the pre-sized pin template, we’re going to make one with custom dimensions.

  1. Click ‘Custom Dimensions.’
  2. Enter 800 x 1300 pixels.
  3. Upload your background image.
  4. Drag over a custom layout or frame onto your pin.
  5. Add your image and crop to resize it how you like.

If you’re brand new to Canva, check out my Intro to Making Graphics In Canva tutorial from last week.

Add Elements To Your Pin

Now you want to get into the meat of your pin design with colors, text, and other graphical elements.

  1. Go to ‘Elements’.
  2. Add a plain color block.
  3. Center the shape by dragging it until you see the cross grid-lines appear.
  4. Grab the corners and side dots to adjust the shape.
  5. Change the color to your branding.
  6. Adjust the transparency with the checkerboard icon.
  7. Resize any additional elements on top.

Adding Text And Headers To Your Pin

Now you need to let your reader know exactly what your pin is about.  You can add text boxes on top of your design.

  1. Click ‘Text’ and select which style of header or text box you want.
  2. Highlight and type in your text.
  3. Adjust the font, spacing, and size with the top buttons.
  4. Drag the text box corners to change the size to match your color block behind it.
  5. Add a divider line or flourish as a simple border between text boxes.

Quick tip!  Hit the letter ‘T’ on your keyboard to quickly add a text box.

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