Do you have a love-hate relationship with Pinterest?

Let me guess, you love it but lately, it seems impossible to keep up…

The Problem: Pinterest Wants Fresh Pins

Don’t worry I have the trick that will have you turning out fresh pins so fast!

But Wait! 
What are “Fresh Pins” 

A Fresh Pin is a new image that has not been shared to Pinterest before. This includes images for new or existing posts, products, and pages. The goal of a fresh pin is to inspire Pinners to engage with, save, and click on your Pinterest Graphics. 

This post contains affiliate links with my honest opinion.I will make a commission at no extra cost to you should you click through and make a purchase.

Okay so once you use my method for batching Pin images how do you keep up with pinning them all. Save time by batch scheduling those pins with Tailwind. (affiliate link)

Batch Create Pins Super Fast

1. Start with templates, but not just any templates.
Your pin templates need to have a limited amount of colors:

  • 1 background-color
  • 1 accent- color
  • 2-3 font colors

Save even more time by purchasing the templates I optimized for this process. 

2. Set up pins for your opt-ins and most popular post.
Use Templates to plug in your current popular content.

3.  Use a set of Alternate colors
Quickly change the colors of your pins using Canva’s Change all options (see the video below)


Use Tailwind to Keep You Moving

Every time there is a big announcement about New Pinterest’s best practices I tend to freeze up and my pinning comes to a halt because I’m scared I will do something that will put me in spammer jail. 

Great News!

I no longer have to be unsure about what the new best practices are and neither do you. 

Thanks to Tailwinds SmartGuide (affiliate link) I don’t have to guess or be worried. The SmartGuide lets me know what is best and will alert me if I am doing something that might lower my reach or get my account in trouble. 

Tailwind  offers a free trail  up to100 scheduled Pins so you can see for yourself how wonderful this tool is!

Let’s Recap: How to Keep Up with Pinterest

Create Fresh Pinterest Images

Instead of pinning the same pins over and over fresh content works on Pinterest. New Pins engage users and the algorithm loves them.

Tailwind is Your Guide

Don’t let all the Pinterest news halt your pinning. Tailwind’s SmartGuide will keep you up to date and in good standing with Pinterest! 

Grab My Quick Pins Template Set

These are templates optimized to use Canva’s fast color change setting.
Get them in My Shop.


 This post may contain affiliate links with my honest opinion. 

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