Working At Home During Summertime: Interview With Robin Walker

Robin Walker of Women’s Business Workshop

Author of the Summer Survival Guide For Work at Home Moms


Tips For Working At Home During Summertime

Plan Ahead (daily & monthly)

Be sure to know :

  • what are you working on
  • when are you working on it
  • what your kids are going to be doing

Train the kids to have quiet time so you can work.


Summer Survival Guide

Resources and worksheets everyday for:

  • planning your office hours
  • to do lists for the kids everyday
  • snack lists
  • business challenges for you
  • easy crock post meals
  • lunch ideas for kids
  • outing ideas with kids
  • shopping lists for the week


Ways For Prioritizing Your Schedule

  • keep a master to do list in a notebook
  • make short daily lists
  • quick things to finish


On Balancing Mom Life & Work

Be sure to blend instead of balance.

You must give yourself grace.

Remember that you’re doing this so that you CAN hug your kids at anytime during the day.


Getting Re-focused Into Work-Mode After Interruptions

  • don’t stop immediately when interrupted
  • reinforce that it’s not okay to burst in and always get attention
  • set the precedent with your family


Productivity Hacks & Tools

Use A Timer

Set short amounts of time with cleaning or work, even projects and hard things.

Google Docs

Because you don’t have to save anything manually, and you can easily keep a tab open with your document.


How do you think like a boss?

I love that I can make decisions that help us live how we like as a family.

What are you loving about playing like a mom?

I’m looking forward to summer to spend time with my kids.


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