5 Ways to Make Money with Canva Pro

How to Add a White Outline in Canva

Canva is a great tool that can help you build (or add too) an online business. There are many ways you can use Canva Pro to earn money from providing design services to creating digital products. This post covers 5 ways you can make money with Canva or Canva Pro.

Offer Design Services as a Virtual Assistant

As a VA services can range from general online business task that includes design services or you can be more niche, such as a Social Media Manager or Graphics Manager. 

VA design services can be offered in packages, such as 30 social media graphics per month or a launch package that includes the needed promo graphics. You can also offer customized packages or an hourly rate.
If you would like to read more about the types of services Virtual Assistants offer check out this post by Virtual Savvy: 50 Services to Offer as a Virtual Assistant

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Sell Instant Download Printables on Etsy

Design and sell digital products such as planners, party printables, education printables, or organization printables on Etsy. There are printable planners and products are a great addition for a huge variety of niches and since it’s all digital it can be a great way to boost passive income.

Read More about what kinds of Printables you can sell: 25 Digital Products to sell on Etsy

Create Ebooks and Guides in Canva

Ebooks and guides make great freebies or entry-level products. Add a guide to your product line or funnel to introduce your audience to your topic and increase passive income. 

Another option is to specialize in ebook design as a service. You can design eye-catching covers for the ebook as a service or layout the entire book in Canva.

Read More about Creating Ebooks: Find the Perfect Ebook Topic


Design and Sell Canva Templates

One of my favorite ways to make money with Canva Pro is selling templates. (PSST have you seen my template shop).

Canva Templates are popular in marketplaces such as Creative Market and Etsy. There is an endless variety of the types of templates that can be offered. They can be products you add into your business such as a Pinterest Manager or Social Media Expert could offer bundles of Canva templates they sell that fit in with what they teach.

Pro Tip: You can outsource the design process if that’s not your thing. Just be clear with the designer of your intended use.

Offer Graphic Design Services

You can offer design services using Canva Pro. You don’t need a fancy degree or super expensive software. Create a portfolio to showcase your skills and outline what you want to offer. This can be social media packages like the ones mentioned above under Virtual Assistant or you can also specialize in certain design areas such as: 

      • printables for clients (this is how I got started)
      • creating and setting up branding in Canva
      • designing custom templates for a brand
      • designing web and blog graphics etc. 
      • designing graphics for certain course platforms

I suggest narrowing it down to a niche and a few services you enjoy most and feel comfortable with to get started. As you grow you might find you get requests for other design services.

But I’m not a Designer or Very Creative…

Maybe you have the itch to use Canva in your business but you don’t know where to get started with design, or you feel like design takes too much time.

Don’t Give Up before you even start! One of the best business lessons I’ve learned is that I do not have to do it all (in fact, I don’t have to do it all even if I know HOW to do it).

You can use Canva templates to get you started with your designs. I suggest using premium templates purchased outside of Canva when working with clients. This helps your designs not be cookie-cutter or overused. You can even join a Canva Template Membership so that you have new designs to work with all the time.

If you are ready to get started then get on the waitlist for Money by Design, a Canva Template Membership for Online Entrepreneurs that want to effortlessly create marketing graphics and digital products.

Join the Money by Design Waitlist and you will be first to know when the doors open with a special bonus.

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