How To Use Custom Colors In Canva To Match Your Brand

Have you tried to eyeball the colors you like, but your graphics and images don’t end up matching?

You can get the exact color codes from your branding to use over and over again as custom colors in Canva designs!

How To Use Custom Colors In Canva To Match Your Brand

Watch the video for a quick tutorial how, but here’s the simple process you can follow too.

Find Your Brand Colors

If you don’t have colors picked yet, you can find awesome color combinations on Pinterest.  

For example:

  1. just search ‘mint color palette’, or whatever color you’d like
  2. find a pin you like with a combination you love
  3. and save the image

Or have a graphic from your brand designs ready to use.

Get Your Color Codes

This is super easy!

  1. go to
  2. upload your image (from the image you picked before)
  3. click on the color you want from the uploaded image
  4. copy the HEX code displayed
  5. save your codes somewhere for reference

I keep my codes all in my Trello boards for easy access with everything else I use for my blog.

Put Your Codes Into Canva

Once you’re inside of Canva and working with a design, here’s how to use your exact color codes.

  1. click on the element you want to change the color on
  2. then click the color icon in the top left
  3. next click the ‘plus sign’
  4. paste in your HEX color code

Then you’ll have that exact color available in the color palette for the design you’re working on!

Bonus Tip!

You can save up to three colors in the color palette of your account in Canva.  That way you don’t have to paste in your color codes all the time when designing new things.

  1. click on ‘your brand’ in the left hand menu
  2. click on the color squares to add or adjust
  3. paste in your color code

If you have a Canva For Work account, you can add more than three colors to your brand.

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