Time Management Hacks For Mom Entrepreneurs

Mallory Schlabach shares with us how she time blocks as a Mom Entrepreneur, and the value of scheduling everything from work related tasks to quality family time.

Time Management Hacks & Time Blocking With Mallory Schlabach

No one wants to be trapped in a life that they don’t love.  Mallory helps mom break free from that. Moms should never settle!

Moms should never settle!

Ask yourself:

  1. Who do I want to be as a mom?
  2. What do I want to do with my kids?
  3. What do I want to do with my life?

That’s where to start.

How To Block Your Time

Time blocking method on a weekly basis:

  • block out appointments and non-negotiables in your schedule
  • block out specific time for yourself
  • time for permission to work, with clear boundaries
  • date nights with the hubby
  • devoted time just with the kids
  • chores that can’t be left alone for too long
  • fill in the holes with any other devoted time

It really helps you see where your time is going and helps you accomplish so much more!  It sounds restrictive, but it actually gives you freedom!

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Tips For When You Have Kids

You can often have a friend or family member take your kids on a regular day or time each week.  It can be beneficial for everyone involved and helps eliminate distractions.

Keep a running list on exactly what you’re going to focus on for each day.  That way, when you’re interrupted or have to take a break for kids stuff, you can come right back and remember quickly what to work on.

Save the biggest projects that need the most mental energy when your children are asleep.

Save the biggest projects that need the most mental energy when your children are asleep! #momlifeClick To Tweet

Time Management Hacks

  • use a timer for everything!
  • apps that implement the Pomodoro technique with frequent breaks in between work times
  • have a timer visual while you’re working so you can be moved to action
  • don’t let extra minutes go to waste

Favorite Apps & Tools

  • Trello – planning and organization
  • Evernote – save notes, files, and documents
  • Unroll.me – roll up your subscription emails to clean up your inbox

Connect With Mallory

You can grab her time blocking PDF download right here!

Website:  http://www.malloryschlabach.com/

Facebook Group – The Dream Chaser Society:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/thedreamchasersociety

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